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We help answer an important question....
How will spending, market fluctuations, inflation, taxes, medical expenses and long term care impact your retirement savings?
We Are With You

We work with clients and their families to understand all the resources available to them to live comfortably in retirement, maximize their income and avoid costly Medical and LTC expenses as well as protect the legacy they want to leave behind for future generations.

About Us

SRC Texas was created by Bill Witt and Tara Kendrick to fill the gaps in the retirement planning and elder care processes.  While there are many financial advisors at the ready, and there are various government agencies and choices of health care providers, it is up to each individual and their family to gather the information, sort through it and try to make sense of their options.


This can be a daunting and sometimes confusing and frustrating process.                   

Senior Resource Center, Texas (SRC) was built to answer these frustrations by providing clients:


  • access to all the resources available to them

  • an understanding of their medical and social security benefits and a plan to optimize these services so that they can always afford the care they need

  • financial planning to enable them to live the retirement they want and provide and protect the legacy they wish to leave behind


The team at SRC, Texas understands the unique needs of people enjoying the prime of their lives as well as those in their later years and the people who care for them.


They are dedicated to providing the best financial and supportive outcome for each client and their family, building lasting relationships and establishing a legacy that lasts for generations.

Senior Resource Center             4408 Spicewood Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78759                 512.835.0963