Enjoy your retirement because you have already planned for life’s surprises.  Together we will define your retirement lifestyle and develop a plan so that you are comfortable with your future and ensure that you have access to the care you need.

Medicare Solutions

Turning 65 provides a variety of choices for health care. We work with clients to sort through and compare Medicare options including Medicare Parts A and B, Supplement, Drug, and Advantage. For those working past 65, we help compare employer group plans to Medicare options.


Maximizing Social Security

Social Security is a major source of income for most people in retirement. With proper planning, you can increase your lifetime payout.  We educate our clients on claim alternatives and strategies to create a plan to maximize your benefits.

Creating Income

If you have enough guaranteed income in retirement, your lifestyle isn’t subject to stock market corrections, low-interest rates, and inflation. We help people create personal pensions to ensure the quality of life they have worked for in retirement and to protect them from financial surprises.


Safe Investing

Volatile stock market corrections in 2000 and 2008 and record low-interest rates have undermined the financial security and confidence of many retirees. We educate our clients on safe investment alternatives that grow when the stock market rises but avoid losses when the market drops.


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